Using Zeta Resource Editor for I18N and L10N

The Zeta Resource Editor is my tool for providing I18N translations for my private use here on my blog. I also recommend this tool for those of you who need this type of tool at home and at work for all but the most complex of I18N tasks. By this I mean tasks that involve a complete process between translators, developers, marketing and legal departments – this is normally the case within large international concerns. Having said this, the Zeta tool is excellent and well worth being part of you development toolkit.

For my blog project “State of Things” I have extracted the Zeta resource Editor part out as it was not really the focus of the I18N example but only a tool that easily facilitated it. Hence, I thought it was a good idea to provide you with a little more information on the process I used.

Once the resource files have been defined, Zeta can be started and a new Zeta project defined. Next the resource files can be imported into Zeta. The results can be seen below.

Here is the import step.

Once the original/base language tags and default values have been specified the “Translate Missing Languages” option allows the automatic translation of those missing tags. For those of us that are competent in only one language we can have Bing or Google do some automatic translation for us as seen here.

Saving the resultant translations and saving the Zeta projects and all has been complete.

That’s all Folks…


~ by Intelligence4 on April 25, 2011.

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